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Big Game Hunting Guide and Outfitter for Utah and Wyoming.

The R & K Hunting Company is built on years of hunting outfitter experience, the application of wildlife sciences, and careful business planning. In combination, these hunting specialties form the foundation of The R & K Hunting Company. Over the years, we have selectively gathered some of the best hunting habitat for mule deer, elk, moose and and other game in the Western United States. We now have exclusive leases of pristine private land and hunting areas in both  Utah...

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23Jun, 2016

Hunting Outfitters’ Tips for Energy Boosting Pack Snacks

Hunting outfitters are the undisputed experts in their field. With dozens (or hundreds) of big game and trophy hunts under their belts, they know what to expect and what will be in store for thPosted in BlogRead More

12May, 2016

Prepare for Your First Trophy Hunt by Sharpening Your Skills

Everyone starts somewhere but, for your first trophy hunt, you may want to start by tuning up your hunting skills. Of course, most hunters don’t venture forth in pursuit of big game unless thPosted in BlogRead More

5Apr, 2016

Finding the Best Hunting Habitat for Elk

Finding the best hunting habitat for elk can be challenging. If you hope to tag one of these magnificent, elusive animals that are prized for offering some of the most delectable game meat, the tePosted in BlogRead More

10Mar, 2016

What to Do in the Big Game Off-Season

If you love to hunt big game, you may be as desolate when the season ends as other sports fans are when the last football, baseball, or basketball game of the year ends. After all, nothing is morePosted in BlogRead More