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5 Reasons To Try a Private Hunting Guide

Hunting is a challenging and rewarding activity that can hold a lot of meaning for individuals and families. It’s a ritual for many people each year as they plan and prepare for their big hunt, recounting what happened on last year’s hunt, and the year before that. Hunting can be an important rite of passage and formative experience for many people. Only you know what hunting means to you.

If you take hunting seriously, hunting can also be repetitive and unsatisfactory. It can become boring to go to the exact same locations, hunting the same game, and coming back with the same disappointing results.

Could there be more to your hunting experience?

At R & K Hunting we say YES. We believe in a hunting experience that changes lives, and we’re sharing 5 reasons you might want to consider a private hunting guide.

  1. Something New. Are you bored with your regular hunting routine? Is it exactly the same every single year? Many hunters express frustration at the hold that tradition has on their hunt, and instead decide to choose a private hunting guide to make for an entirely new hunting experience. Our private hunting guide experience is absolutely unforgettable and will create lifelong memories.
  2. A Challenge. Our R & K Hunting guides assess your needs and skill level, then customize the hunting experience to provide a challenge and growth for you as a hunter and individual. It’s an incredible opportunity to become a better hunter. If you’re looking for a unique hunting challenge, a private hunting guide can act as your hunting coach to reach your goals.
  3. Location. R & K private hunting guides come with access to exclusive territories that you wouldn’t be allowed to hunt otherwise. These exclusive private territories allow for new scenery and game to switch up your hunting experience. No more overcrowded public hunting zones – our private hunting locales make all the difference.
  4. Luxury. Hunting is usually a sport lacking luxury since you have to hike and camp and haul your gear and kills. But with R & K private hunting guides we give you access to a hunting lounge before and after your hunt to relax and enjoy the hard work of hunting.
  5. Success. Hiring a private hunting guide will make a huge difference in your hunting success. You’ll be able to bring home that big game you’ve dreamed of, have a satisfactory first hunt, or any other measure of success you determine. The expertise of a private hunting guide can help you meet your hunting goals.

As you consider your hunting trips this year, you may want to look into our affordable and experienced private hunting guides at R & K Hunting. We can create a unique hunting experience just for you that will make your hunt a thrilling episode you’ll always remember. Call today to ask about our hunting packages and guides.

Trophy Hunting 101

Hunting can serve many purposes to many different people. To some, it’s merely a fun, recreational activity to destress and get outside. For others, it can be a bonding and teaching experience for families.

Hunting can be a competitive challenge that pushes you to grow and improve. Hunting can also be a way to bring in food and resources for your family. Others may go hunting to come home with the ultimate trophy – a hunting conquest for a large animal you’ve killed through skill and hard work.

Trophy hunting has always been popular, but regulations and conservation efforts have affected the locations and types of trophy hunting that you can pursue as a recreational hunter.

Trophy hunting doesn’t appeal to everyone, but to those who are drawn to a big kill or want something impressive to display in your home or office, a trophy hunt might be right for you.

What is a Trophy Hunt?

A trophy hunt is a hunt in which you’re looking for a significant kill. Usually, the kill isn’t about the meat, but the “trophy” you bring home. Most trophy hunts revolve around a large male species, which can then be finished and displayed to great effect. Perhaps it’s a bearskin rug, an antelope head, elk antlers, or horns. The “trophy” of the trophy hunt will be cleaned and prepared for display by an expert taxidermist, and then hung or placed proudly wherever you would like to see it.

Can I Trophy Hunt?

The ability or freedom to go on a trophy hunt depends on many factors. Trophy hunting is legal in most countries, but with strict regulations and conservation stipulations. In the United States, ranch hunting like that provided by R & K Hunting abides by the Endangered Species Act and other federal regulations to provide legal and protected trophy hunting of a variety of trophy targets. Depending on your area, you may need to draw a specific tag to hunt a particular species of game. And of course, you’ll need a valid hunting license to attempt a trophy hunt. Our experts at R & K Hunting can help you determine exactly what you would need to acquire or do if you wanted to embark on a trophy hunt.

What’s the best way to Trophy Hunt?

Trophy hunting is best undertaken when you have a lot of experience, patience, and focus on what you want. Unlike casual hunting, trophy hunting is more complicated and difficult.

Trophy hunting requires more planning and preparation. If you’re serious about a trophy hunt and want to maximize your chances for a positive experience, the best thing to do is to go with R & K Hunting.

Our hunting guides can work with you on your hunting goals and targets. Our exclusive hunting properties can increase your exposure to a big game and create the best conditions for achieving your own trophy kill.

R & K Hunting has years of experience helping hunters just like you on their first trophy hunts and can help you bring home that trophy you’ve been dreaming of.

How To Get a Hunting License

Are you thinking about becoming a full-fledged hunter? Every year thousands of new hunters join the ranks to begin the lifelong passion of hunting. If you’re among them, you’ll need to take the steps to become a well-educated, licensed and legal hunter in your particular state. Don’t worry – it’s not a very difficult process, it’s just a series of steps to help prepare you for success as a hunter.

R & K Hunting is a professional hunting company that specializes in creating the optimal hunting experiences for hunters of all skill levels. We’re sharing our knowledge about the process of becoming a hunter for the very first time to make It as smooth and successful as possible.

1. Talk to a Hunter.

Before you start working towards your hunting license, you should talk to an experienced hunter. For many people, this may be a close family member or friend. Ask them about how they became a hunter, where to hunt, and how they learned to hunt. Understanding more fully all that becoming a hunter entails will help you perform better, and be better prepared for the following steps of acquiring a hunting license.

2. Sign up for Hunter Education.

The requirements in each state differ, but most allow some form of online hunter education. Search online for hunter education classes, as well as classroom courses in your city recreation departments or Wildlife divisions. You need to study hard and pass the test before a hands-on practice with a field instructor to show mastery of your hunting skills. Take your hunter’s education very seriously, and save your materials to review in the future. G

3. Get Your License or Certificate.

Once you have successfully completed your hunter education course, you will be able to pay for your hunting license. Print the online certificate or pay for the card to be sent to you, whatever the guidelines may be for your particular state.

4. Follow-Up Course.

Almost all states require a follow-up class after passing your hunter education course, which will determine if you are ready as well as award you your actual hunting license. It’s also a good idea to refresh yourself on hunter education principles in the future.

5. Use It!

Once you have your official hunting license you’ll be able to use it to register for hunts, enter draws, and acquire hunting tags. Your hunting license will allow you to go after the hunts you want to tackle, as well as the game you want to pursue.

A hunting license can open up a whole new world of challenge, growth, and personal development. R & K Hunting is passionate about helping hunters become the best they can be, and to make lifelong memories of hunting with their family and friends.

If you’re ready to take your hunting to the next level, or you’d just like a hunting guide to take you through the next step of the journey – come to us.

Three Great Occasions to Get a Hunting Guide

Have you heard of hunting enthusiasts investing in a hunting guide for their big hunting trips? It’s becoming more popular and R & K Hunting is excited to be able to offer our services to more interested hunters out there. For some people, enlisting the help of a hunting guide may seem expensive and unnecessary, especially if you’re already an experienced hunter. But a hunting guide includes a wide range of benefits that can dramatically change your hunting experience.

Should you hire a hunting guide? And if so, when? R & K Hunting can help you on any occasion, but there are a few occasions we can recommend as ideal for hiring one of our expert hunting guides to maximize your season.

3 Great Occasions to Get a Hunting Guide

  1. Drawing a Once-in-A-Lifetime Tag. There are some tags which, once acquired, disqualify you for ever hunting that category again. These tags are usually drawn, but sometimes purchased and usually mean you’re going all out to get that trophy tag. If you draw a hunting tag for moose, mountain lion, bighorn sheep, or other large, trophy animals, it’s the perfect occasion to invest in a hunting guide. Our hunting guides can help you make the most of your tag and find the most likely location for success.
  2. Your First Hunt. If it’s your first hunt, or you’re eager to make someone else’s first hunt a big success, hiring a hunting guide can make all the difference. If you’re from another country or far out of town, coming into town for your first big hunt can be very disappointing if you just rely on your own limited knowledge. Instead, a hunting guide can make a first timer’s hunting experience more comfortable, successful, and safe. Taking a client or investor is another popular reason to invest in a private hunting guide – R & K Hunting can give them the star treatment and leave them feeling impressed!
  3. A Celebration. One of our favorite ways to provide private hunting guides is when it’s in celebration! Getting a private hunting guide for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or coming-of-age is an exciting and memorable way to celebrate a special event or occasion in your life. Not only do you get special access and an expert guide, but you can also relax and celebrate in R &K Hunting facilities! If you’re looking for a unique gift, or a thrilling bachelor party, R & K Hunting offers an experience that is totally one-of-a-kind. Our hunting guides can provide memories they’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Whether you hunt alone, with your closest friends, or as a cherished tradition with your family, it’s likely you will have one of these important occasions come up in your hunting career. Take advantage of these special events and consult with R & K Hunting about our expert private hunting guides. We can find a hunting experience that is right for you and your hunting crew.

What Every Hunter Should Carry For Emergencies

Hunting can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience, but it can also be very dangerous and isolating. Any hunter knows that being prepared for emergencies is critical, no matter the length, difficulty, or weather predicted for your hunting trip.

Our hunting experts at R & K Hunting have carefully compiled the following comprehensive list of vital hunter survival tools that every hunter should carry with them on each and every hunting trip.

Take care to read this list and assemble your own hunter emergency kit so that you can be prepared and rest assured that you’re ready for whatever comes next on your big hunting trip.

So What Should Every Hunter Should Carry For Emergencies?

  • First Aid Kit – Most hunters understand the need for a first aid kit, and may even carry one already. But do you know what’s in your first aid kit? Small and cheap first aid kits often carry only band-aids, triple antibiotic, and a bandage wrap or two. Figure out exactly what is in your first aid kit. Make sure alcohol wipes and triple antibiotic hasn’t leaked or dried out. Supplement your first aid kit with anything you might personally need.
  • Communication – How will you call for help if you need it? Consider a backup or satellite phone, radio, and a hand-crank charger so that you’ll never be without contact if you need it. You may also want to include flares or a whistle so you could attract attention if stuck.
  • Defense – Of course you plan to use your hunting weapon, but what if it malfunctioned and you needed further protection? Carrying a backup weapon or at least a small and useful knife is critical for hunters. We always recommend carrying a small, sharp knife on your person for a variety of uses.
  • Batteries & Flashlight – There are so many occasions that you’ll need quick light when hunting. Keep a flashlight within arm’s reach at all times, and always carry backup batteries since battery life and status can be difficult to determine.
  • Firepower – We don’t actually mean bullets. If you were stranded, would you be able to start a fire for warmth, light, signaling, or cooking? Disposable matches are a great option, and hunters should also carry a lighter. Keeping several options for starting fires on your person, in your pack, and at camp is always a good idea, as long as they’re safe and protected.
  • Identification – If you were to be injured or incapacitated in the wilderness and someone else found you, would they know where you came from, or even what to call you? Keeping a form of identification on you is as easy a nametag on the tag of your jacket or the label of a coat. It’s also a good idea to identify where your camp is and/or a number for someone to contact in an emergency.
  • Cash – It’s hard to predict when you’ll need money on a hunting trip. You can be stranded, break down, or have any other number of surprising circumstances. Keeping cash hidden in your pack or on your person can help you in an emergency, just in case.

At R & K Hunting we know almost everything there is to know about hunting, and we want to help you have the best hunting experience possible. We hope your hunt is successful and exciting!


5 Things You Need Before Your First Hunt

As you prepare to join the world of hunters, we’d like to welcome and congratulate you! Hunting is both a challenging and rewarding activity that will strengthen your character, teach you volumes, and provide lifelong memories. The thrill of the hunt is our passion at R & K Hunting, and we’re excited to share our expertise with you as you begin your hunting journey.

Before your first hunt, there is a lot of education and preparation that you’ll need in order to have fun and be successful. Hunting requires discipline, and today our experts will help you identify everything you’ll need to safely enjoy your first hunt.

  1. Boots. You don’t want to go buy your first pair of hunting boots the day before you leave. Get a high-quality pair of leather hunting boots at least a month before your hunt and spend some time wearing them every day to break them in before your first hunt. Be sure to spend some time running around outside in them, not just shuffling around the house. Having a pair of supportive, comfortable boots can make all the difference in your comfort and performance.
  2. Layers. The environmental conditions are a huge factor in any hunt, and if you don’t have hunting experience yet it’s best to take lots of options. You’ll need a good base layer (thermals, Under Armor, or likewise), a good mid-layer such as durable pants and a sweatshirt, an insulation layer like gaiters and a coat, and some sort of rain-repellant top layer. Some of these layers can be combined in more high-tech gear, but feel free to mix and match what you already have and buy a few key pieces before your hunt. Try them all on together before you get out there.
  3. Your Weapon. One of the most important things to do before your first hunt is to practice and get comfortable with your bow, gun, or another weapon. Practice cleaning, preparing, loading, and assembling your weapon. Go to a range or open area for some target practice. Practice utilizing your binoculars or other visuals so you know what to expect on your first hunt.
  4. Endurance. Hunting is a physically demanding activity. You need to be able to hike up and down mountains, pack in your supplies and pack out an animal. Are you in good enough shape? Go on a hike in your boots and with your pack. Head for the stair master at your gym and start working up your endurance as early as you can, so you’ll have the energy to go the distance for your first hunt.
  5. Expectations. Take some time before your first hunt to examine your expectations. Do your research to understand the weather and wildlife you’ll encounter. Talk to other hunters about what to expect for your first hunting experience, and realize that hunting on public lands or a limited tag will make your first hunt a very challenging experience.

We are excited for you to experience your first hunt. If you find you’d like a little more help or guidance on your first hunting experience, or if a very successful first hunt is important to you then you definitely need to consider using a private hunting guide to maximize your hunting experience. R & K Hunting is ready to make your first hunting trip a memory you’ll relish forever!

Could I Benefit From A Private Hunting Guide?

Hunting tends to be traditional. It’s passed down from parents to children, brothers to brothers, or between close friends. It’s a beautiful and relationship-strengthening rite of passage, but it also means that what you know of hunting is limited and maybe a little worn out. It can be a fun tradition to go to the same place with the same people. Passing the tradition of hunting along is important. However, your hunting experience is likely unexciting and less than satisfactory.

If you’re bored with your regular hunting experience, or you’re looking to have a life-changing trophy hunt experience, it might be time to consider alternative options for your next big hunt.

At R&K Hunting we have a variety of hunting experiences which can fundamentally change the way you hunt or give you a memorable hunting trip which you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Could you benefit from an R&K private hunting guide? Read on to find out.

Could I Benefit From A Private Hunting Guide?

Location: is your regular hunting spot sparse and played out? Do you try lots of hunting locations, hoping to find that big game you dream of? One of the biggest benefits of a private hunting guide is the use of exclusive big game habitats. No more running into other hunters every 30 yards or having your game scared off by the constant gunshot echoes. A prime, private location with a hunting guide can give you an entirely new hunting experience.

Guidance: a private hunting guide provides, well, guidance. Even if you’re an experienced hunter, our private hunting guides offer tailored assistance and direction that can take your hunting ability to the next level. Our guides know the private habitats like the back of their hands. They know where to find the big game and the best methods for getting that winning “trophy” shot. You won’t need to waste time finding the right spot – your private hunting guide will already know the best spots for you.

Goals: Have you always wanted to bag an elk? Or maybe you’re just looking to get your first big kill. Some hunters have a goal to achieve a certain number of points per season – or lifetime. A private hunting guide can help you achieve those goals. Our private hunting guides can find you the biggest game, trophies to mount on your walls or just successful hunting trips that will be well worth your time and money.

Comfort: for many people, a long day of hunting could find a better end than a long drive or uncomfortable camping. Our private hunting guides can also offer a relaxing, comfortable finish at the ranch house. It’s the perfect end to an exciting day and much more welcoming than a lonely tent.

As you sit down to plan your next big hunting season or yearly hunting trip, it may be time to consider the benefits of hiring a private hunting guide to enhance your experience. If hunting is important to you, then a private hunting guide from R&K Hunting is the perfect investment for your next hunting experience.

Understanding Utah’s Hunter Education Requirements

Requirements for hunter education, many states will accept the certification of your home state as reciprocal satisfaction of their requirements.

hunting education Utah

In other words, once you have completed a Utah-approved hunting education program, you can legally hunt in any state that recognizes the standards of the International Hunter Education Association – USA (IHEA-USA).

Why Hunting Education Is Required

IHEA-USA, in conjunction with state wildlife resources agencies, want to ensure that the many benefits of hunting remain readily available to future generations. The best way to achieve this goal is to keep hunting safe and beneficial to wildlife populations.

To accomplish these goals, and to ensure ongoing legislative support, most U.S. states have adopted comprehensive safety education requirements for hunters. These programs are highly effective, and IHEA indicates that hunting-related injuries have significantly diminished since these programs have been implemented.

Utah-Specific Hunting Education Requirements

Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR). Anyone born after December 31, 1965, cannot purchase a license to hunt until he or she has completed the specified educational requirements. You have two options for completing these requirements.hunting card

The first option for training begins with online course. The online curriculum covers the hunter’s responsibilities, wildlife management, firearm safety and survival skills. After passing the online portion of the course field day.

If you prefer to avoid the online portion of the training, you also have the option to complete the entire training program in a live, instructor-led course.

Once you complete your requirements, you will be issued a lifetime certification card. You must carry your certification card with you whenever you hunt, and you will need to present it (along with a valid photo ID) to purchase hunting licenses and permits in Utah.

Additional Utah Hunting Education Courses

Utah does not require any educational programs to obtain a standard bowhunting permit; although, many other states do require mandatory bowhunter education. Bowhunter training instructor-led course online and field day work extended archery season, you must complete an online archery ethics course first.

These educational programs are convenient, inexpensive and require little time to complete. Even if you won’t be purchasing a hunting license – or if your state does not require a hunter safety course – these courses are recommended for all hunting enthusiasts.

In Utah, Wyoming and throughout the Intermountain West, the R & K Hunting Company is the region’s premier private hunting guide and outfitter. Contact us today to learn more about our trophy hunts and private hunting trips. We can also answer any questions you may have regarding Wyoming or Utah hunting education requirements.

Best Trophy Hunting Trips in Wyoming and Utah

Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world plan trophy hunting trips to Wyoming and Utah because – if we do say so ourselves – this region of the Intermountain West makes for some mighty fine trophy hunt experiences.

trophy hunting trip utah

Here at the R & K Hunting Co., we’ve been gearing up and guiding hunters of all skill levels for decades. We are proud to call this part of the United States our home, and we love sharing its finest hunting habitats with our clients, both domestic and international.

Top Trophy Hunting Trips in Utah

In Utah, hunting trips are popular throughout the northern part of the state. Many of our clients prefer hunting tips in search of our state animal, the Rocky Mountain elk, either using archery or rifle. We highly recommend that you book a Utah hunting trip for trophy mule deer, especially if you haven’t done one before. We can arrange to obtain your tags for you, so you don’t have to sweat the process of being drawn.

We can also put together a northern Utah hunting trip for Shiras moose or pronghorn antelope. In fact, we have a small number of guaranteed Utah pronghorn tags available each year for our clients.

South Fork Guest Lodge for your next corporate retreat or family trip. In addition to its proximity to some of our state’s finest big game habitats, South Fork offers fishing, trail rides and ATV or snowmobile tours (depending on the season). It’s perfect for reunions, corporate retreats and destination weddings.

Best Trophy Hunts in Wyoming

In Wyoming, we recommend planning your hunting trip for elk or trophy mule deer. Elk hunting in Wyoming is popular with both rifle and archery hunters. These popular hunting trips fill up fast, so contact R & K to handle your elk tag application paperwork. Trophy mule deer

Wyoming is also a perfect spot for Shiras moose – especially large bucks – and for pronghorn antelope. And, thanks to the state’s preference point system for tag draws, purchasing a point provides our clients nearly 100 percent odds of drawing a Wyoming pronghorn antelope tag.

Queen Mountain Guest Ranch. Located in the breathtaking Unita Mountains near Evanston, this 640-acre property offers every amenity you can imagine – and then some.

Planning Your Wyoming or Utah Hunting Trip

The R & K Hunting Company is the premier outfitter and private hunting guide service in the Mountain West region. In fact, 9 out of 10 of our guided trophy hunts is for return clients. Our success rate is significant, and it has earned us our impeccable reputation. In addition to expert guide services, we provide high-end lodging and chef-prepared meals. Whatever you need, we will tailor your custom trophy hunt experience to meet your goals.

Contact us today to learn more, and to get started planning your Wyoming and Utah hunting trips.

Getting the Most from Your Guided Trophy Hunt

For many hunters, a big game trophy hunt is a bucket-list experience they wait years to enjoy.

big trophy hunt Utah

If you plan to cross this once-in-a-lifetime event off your list in the near future, it’s important that you get the maximum enjoyment from the experience. Choose to use the services of a professional guide for your trophy hunt, and you’ll be in for a real treat.

Be Prepared for Your Big Trophy Hunt

The fact that you’ll be trusting your experience to a professional hunting guide doesn’t relieve you of the obligation for preparation.

Ask your hunting guide for a list of clothing and equipment you need to bring on your trek. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on anything, as having the right gear will ensure your comfort, safety and success.

Spend the weeks and months leading up to your guided hunt working on your health and fitness. You’ll be covering a lot of unfamiliar – and potentially inhospitable – terrain, so be sure your body is able to handle it.

Finally, work diligently on your marksmanship. You’ll never live it down if you miss the shot. Speaking of which, ensure that your hunting rifle is clean and in perfect working order.

Be Open to the Experience of the Trophy Hunt

Take it from the professional hunting guides: No two trophy hunts are alike. Your experience will be truly unique and amazing, no matter what obstacles you may encounter.

Show up for your trophy hunt with an open mind and a positive attitude. No matter how much experience you have, your hunting guide is the expert in this habitat and this prey. We offer advice based on our extensive knowledge and experience and, if you trust us, we promise we won’t steer you wrong.

We are also here to ensure your safety. Trust us to provide you with the safest, most rewarding trophy hunt experience possible.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Your trophy hunt will be the most enjoyable and fulfilling when you’re the most comfortable. As your professional hunting guides, we are here to maximize your experience and we love to help however we can. If this is your first big hunt, you’ll have tons of questions – and that’s a good thing. An informed hunter is a confident and successful hunter,

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions before you arrive for your hunt. Once you’re here, we will be spending a lot of time together in pursuit of your trophy. So relax and prepare for the experience of a lifetime!

R & K Hunting Company is the Intermountain West’s premier private hunting guide. We offer exclusive access to the best hunting habitats and lodges. Whether you dream of elk, moose, pronghorn antelope or mule deer, trust the experts at R & K for your guided trophy hunt.