Hunting Tips

Hunting Monster Bull Elk With R&K Outfitters

In hunting with R&K hunting company for years I have heard about the killer ranches they had in Montana. I have put in for one particular ranch for 4 years for a rifle elk tag. I have been successful every year for archery but when I re-applied for rifle no luck. However 2011 was different. I received...

2013 Harvested Animal Photos

The hunting season has begun and we’re already beginning to harvest some nice animals, beginning with mule deer. Take a look at our 2013 harvested mule deer or 2013 harvest elk. Also, here is a nice buffalo that was harvest with us this year.

The Bull Moose of a lifetime. One for the record books.

I want to thank you for the outstanding Moose Hunt that you guided my brother Alan. The entire operation that you run is by far the best outfit that I know of. The crew that you have employed from the guides to the cooks are some of the nicest and most respectful people that I have ever encountered in...

Healthy Hunting

Hunting, as a sport, runs the spectrum of physical challenge. It can be done from a chair on a front porch with only a slight increase in heart rate just before a shot is fired, or hiking through the mountains in a storm it can be a demanding test of physical strength and cardiovascular endurance. Every...

A little extra scouting goes a long way!

Utah hunting guide
Three scouting trips and not a buck over 165″ to show for it. My hunter was coming in just over a week and I could not turn up a big buck. I was beginning to feel a little pressure. A film crew was coming to video this early season mule deer hunt, and I really wanted to find him the kind of buck this...