Utah Mule Deer Hunting

Our CWMU rifle mule deer hunts run from September 1st through October 31st each year with a variance of up to November 10th on some units. Most of our ranches are in the CWMU program AKA Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit. As a result, you are able to obtain your tags directly from us without the hassle and worry of whether you will draw out or not. Our ranches that are not enrolled CWMU program are in general season tag units.


A mature trophy buck can run as large as 460 pounds, but they more generally average around 200 pounds. Mule deer males stand 31 to 42 inches at the shoulders. These majestic animals have a keen sense of hearing and smell which makes stalking them great sport. On our private hunting ranches provide hunting opportunities for hunters of all physical and shooting abilities ranging from rolling hill terrain to rocky cliffs at higher elevations.

Whether your goals is to harvest a buck in velvet during the archery hunt or to use your long range rifle to bag your deer with a 900 yard shot, we provide all that and more. We have several lodges and camps to choose from for your Utah mule deer hunting experience and promise to provide you with personal guides and great adventure.

Our hunts generally include four full hunting days, chef-prepared meals, mountain transportation, and much more. Once you hunt with us, you will see why we have a hunter return rate of nearly 90 percent.

013 Utah Mule Deer Archery Season:
Aug 18th–Sept 14th,

2013 Utah Mule Deer Rifle Season:
Oct 19th – 27th

2013 Utah Mule Deer Muzzleloader:
Sept 26th – Oct 4th.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Fees:

  • Utah Resident General Mule Deer: $40
  • Nonresident General Mule Deer: $268
  • Utah Resident Mule Deer CWMU: $40
  • Nonresident Mule Deer CWMU: $268