5 Ways To Improve Your Campfire Meals

5 Ways To Improve Your Campfire Meals


Aside from hunting and spending time in the great outdoors, the best part about your hunting trip is the food and campfire meals — unless it isn’t!

Hunting isn’t just about harvesting a trophy buck. Well, sure it is, but there’s a lot more about the sport than just that. It’s an experience, and one of our favorite parts about the hunting experience is the food that you get to enjoy during it. Of course, not everyone is a 5-star Michelin chef, but there are a few things you can do to improve your campfire meals and make people think you are one.

Continue reading to learn how you can improve your campfire meals on your hunt.

How to Improve Your Campfire Meals

If the food you eat during your hunt is lacking, implement the following five tips to upgrade your campfire meals:

  1. Seasoning and Spices Are Essential — Whether you pack in your meals or plan to fish, hunt, or forage your food, nobody is interested in eating a bland dish. As you pack for your hunting trip, don’t forget to bring your favorite seasonings and spices to use while you cook. This is especially true when it comes to salt. Salt will enhance and bring out the flavors in your meal.
  2. Pack a Few Lemons — When life gives you lemons, bring them on your hunting trip to use for your campfire meals. Lemons are ideal for hunting trip dinners because they are easy to pack, do not require refrigeration, and add plenty of flavor to your meals, especially if you’re preparing fish.
  3. Build the Best Campfire — Not all campfires are created equally. In fact, the meals you prepare over your campfire are only as good as the fire itself. Building the perfect fire is crucial! In a safe location, start your fire with kindling and tinder, and slowly add kiln-dried firewood after the flame gets going. Kiln-dried firewood is best because its moisture content is less than 15%. The wood you’ll find in the mountains can have close to 100% moisture content, which is no good for fires.
  4. Make a Plan — Before you head to the high country, make sure to make a plan for each of the meals you’ll prepare. Your meals do not need to be elaborate or fancy; some of the best campfire meals are simple. Just make sure you have a plan in place, and you bring everything you’ll need.
  5. Use a Cast Iron Skillet — Okay, we know a cast iron skillet isn’t the easiest thing to pack in and out of camp, but cooking with a cast iron skillet or dutch oven really elevates a meal. Hear us out — they hold heat very well and are easy to care for (you don’t even need to use dish soap!). If bringing a cast iron skillet is out of the question, opt for aluminum foil dinners instead.

Don’t Sweat About Your Campfire Meals — Let R & K Hunting Company Handle It

If you’re ready to focus on harvesting a big buck without having to worry about preparing campfire meals, let R & K Hunting Company handle it! Our team does all the planning and work for you, so you can entirely enjoy your hunting experience in the beautiful mountains of Utah and Wyoming. We have many options that include hunting lodges and ranches complete with kitchens, barbecue grills, open-pit campfires, and chefs. There’s nothing like eating a chef-prepared meal at the end of a long day of hunting. Contact R & K Hunting Company to book your next hunt!