How to Repel Pests During Your Hunt

It’s pretty ironic that, during your hunt, the trophy bucks are not the only ones being stalked — you’re also being hunted.

Late summer and early fall days bring some of the best hunting weather. Unfortunately, the insects in the area agree and are just waiting to attack. There are countless bugs in the mountains that are just waiting to suck the life out of you during your hunt. Not only are they preying on any living thing, but they also can carry and infect you with debilitating diseases, such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, West Nile virus, malaria, Lyme disease, and more. It doesn’t matter where you are; bugs will find you and feed on you.

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3 Tips for Repelling Bugs During Your Hunt

Take Cover — One of the best defenses against bugs is to cover up with clothing. Late summer and early fall days still can reach 80° Fahrenheit or more, so wearing clothes head to toe might not sound ideal. But, in the long run, it’ll be one of the better decisions you make and will save you a lot of scratching. Layering your clothes during these hot hunting days may seem counterintuitive, but if you layer with cooling garments under your camo, you can help relate your body temperature and keep bug bites at bay.

Use Insect Repellent — Another great defense against insects is repellent. Unfortunately, most repellents are incredibly smelly. If you can smell it, the animals you are hunting can dang well smell it, too. Deer heavily rely on their sense of smell, and if they get a single whiff of insect repellent, you might as call it “deer repellent.” Find a hunter’s formula that smells like “earth” or that is odorless and contains DEET.

Location, Location, Location — Where you set up camp can make a huge difference in the number of bugs you deal with. Avoid setting up your camp, tree stand, or ground blind near standing water. Standing water is a literal breeding ground for many bugs, especially mosquitoes. Moreover, mosquitoes, ticks, and other bugs love hiding in high grass, which you will almost always find near ponds, lakes, and other types of standing water. In addition to setting up camp away from standing water, you’ll want to consider camping in a clear area, away from heavy woods, that is exposed to wind. The trouble is, you need to find a good balance of clear but not too clear so that your tent won’t blow away or become a lightning rod in a storm.

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If you love being in the great outdoors, make sure to apply these tips to avoid bothersome bugs during your hunt.

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5 Ways You Can Prevent Gun Rust

If you own a firearm, one of the most important things you can do to keep it in good working condition is to prevent gun rust. 

Rust is your guns’ worst enemy. It can eat away at the metal, literally deteriorating it. This major discoloration makes your firearms look old and unattractive. On top of how your weapon looks, rust can cause several performance and safety complications. The surfaces of your gun that have been roughed up due to rust can create drag, causing pressure and friction. This can mean a number of things, such as a rusty magazine could prevent loading or a rusted barrel could explode. Avoiding gun rust is essential. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to prevent it from occurring.

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Why Should You Prevent Gun Rust?

As mentioned above, preventing gun rust is essential for every firearm owner. Looks and performance aside, the safety issues rust can cause are quite concerning and need to be taken seriously. As a gun owner, your number one priority is safety for you and those around you. Properly taking care of your weapon, including preventing gun rust, could be the difference between life and death.

5 Tips to Prevent Gun Rust 

MANAGE THE TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY — Firearms are happiest when stored at 70° Fahrenheit with 50% humidity. It’s best to keep the temperature at which you store your guns at a consistent temperature to avoid the expansion and contraction of your weapon. Sudden temperature changes can create condensation, which may lead to rust.

ADDRESS RUST ASAP — If your firearm shows signs of rust, it is essential to address it right away. Carefully disassemble and clean your gun.

USE WHITE GLOVES FOR HANDLING — When handling your stored guns, wear white gloves to prevent the transfer of oils from your hands to the firearm. Moreover, wearing white gloves will allow your weapon to let you know if it is clean or not. A dirty, oily, or rusty gun will make its mark on your clean white gloves.

CERAKOTE COATING — Protect your guns with Cerakote Coating, a durable ceramic finish that protects metal, plastic, polymers, and wood. You can avoid wear and tear, rust and corrosion, scratches and dents, and more.

AVOID SHORT-TERM STORAGE SOLUTIONS — Gun cases should only be used to help your get your gun from one place to another. Firearms should never be stored for too long in a soft or hard gun case since they can trap and hold moisture around your gun.

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One of the best ways to be safe on your hunt is to make sure you prevent gun rust all year long.

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Rules to Live By When Packing Out After Your Hunt

The fun (and work!) does not stop once you land your trophy buck — no, you’ve still got to think about packing out before you finish up the hunt.

The best spots for hunting are typically far from any convenient roads, parking lots, or trails. You are likely deep into the backcountry and are miles and miles away from your truck, trailer, and more. Doing this can make finishing your hunt a bit challenging, but with a few of the rules below, you’ll have no problem packing out this season.

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Rules for Packing Out After Your Hunt

Choose Your Method — There are many ways that a hunter chooses to pack out post-hunt. Between manpower, a utility vehicle of some sort, or horse or mule, you can find a method that works best for you and your location. Before you head for the mountains on your exciting hunt, make sure to have a good plan in place.

Get in Shape — If you plan to pack out your animal on foot, make sure you take time now to make sure you are in good, physical shape. Hiking to your campground and being able to maneuver the terrain is one thing, but being able to pack out with hundreds of pounds on your back is another. Take time now to start working out and getting fit.

Protect Your Meat — Your number one priority when you pack out should be to protect your meat. Keeping it clean and dry is essential! Always use a tarp or emergency blanket to lay your harvest on before you begin cutting. During warmer weather hunts, bring citric acid packets to protect against flies and bacteria. And for colder hunts, make sure your meat is elevated and separated on a pole to allow ideal airflow.

Use Bags — One of the best ways to protect your meat when you’re packing out s to use game bags — four bags, to be exact. You should also bring 50 feet of parachute cord so you can hang them. You can adequately distribute weight by placing a loin or two, neck meat, and a backstrap with the bag holding the front shoulders. To lighten your load, you may want to consider removing the bones, especially if it’s hot. 

Check Local Regulations — Before you leave a bunch of game parts lying around on the hillside, make sure to check local regulations on what you can leave behind carefully. After your successful hunt, the last thing you want to deal with is getting into trouble with the law.

Packing Out with R & K Hunting Company

While tedious, packing out your harvested big game animal is an exciting part of your hunt. As your season ends and you’ve successfully packed out, it’s time to think about booking your next hunt. Next season, make sure to book an exciting Rocky Mountain hunting adventure in the beautiful mountains of Utah and Wyoming with the professionals at R & K Hunting Company. We take the stress and headaches out of planning and prepping your hunt so you can focus on landing your next harvest. Contact our team of experts today.