Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Feer Hunting in Wyoming

At the R & K Hunting Company, we have a passion for hunting trophy Mule Deer.  Team R & K, as a collective group of guides, has spent a life time developing specific skills that allow us to help mule deer hunters dreams become reality.  Whether hunting on our ranches in Wyoming or Utah we provide opportunities and  experiences that are second to none and we can accommodate the needs of most hunters. We offer 5 day hunts ranging from late August to early November and prices vary depending on the hunt, ranch, and or weapon you may choose.

Hunting Mule Deer in Wyoming requires that a hunter submit an application to be put in a draw or lottery system where the success rate is very high.  Our staff will gather all of the information from you and submit your application and get everything set up for that following fall.  Utah offers a guaranteed Mule Deer tag with their CWMU (cooperative wildlife management program) program and allows the flexibility to use archery, black powder, or a rifle to harvest the trophy Mule Deer you have been dreaming about.

For more information and to set up your hunt, give us a call and let us become your hunting DESTINATION for a trophy Mule Deer!