Spring Cleaning: Hunter’s Edition

Hunters are not exempt from the annual tradition of spring cleaning. Hunting is one of the dirtiest sports out there, so hunters everywhere ought to participate in spring cleaning. Cleaning all of your hunting equipment will not only leave your stuff shiny-bright for your next adventure, but it will also help it last much longer than it would otherwise. 

Here’s what you need to be cleaning every spring:

Clean Your Weapons

If you are an avid hunter, you’re probably already in a good routine of cleaning your gun or weapon of choice. Guns, bows, and other weapons work better when they’re clean. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or guide when cleaning and make sure to take every safety precaution seriously.

Don’t forget to give your knives, traps, axes, and other tools a little TLC. Depending on how much you used your knives and axes, you may want to sharpen them. A dull knife is as good as no knife at all and is more dangerous than a sharp one.

Clean Your Camping Gear

After a good fall season, your camping gear probably has seen better days. With constant exposure to the elements, dirt, and mud, and people that have been on the mountain for days without access to a shower, your camping gear will need a little attention. Here are some of the items you’ll want to clean:

  • Tent
  • Bedding and sleeping bags
  • Cots and pads
  • Hammocks

Clean Your Garb

Between sweat, mud, and — if your hunt was successful — animal innards and blood, your clothes will need a good wash! The stench a few days of hunting leaves is quite shocking and typically requires some heavy-duty detergent. In addition to the stink, the stains left behind can have some serious staying power. You may want to try a hunter’s specific detergent to tackle the strong smells and stains.

Other Items Needing Cleaning

Everything you’ve used over the last season will likely need cleaning. Here are a few miscellaneous items you may have overlooked:

  • Butchering tools and supplies (make sure to sanitize them as well)
  • Decoys
  • Game calls
  • Bag and packs (check out our cleaning tips here)
  • Cooking and kitchenware
  • Coolers
  • Packhorse equipment
  • Camp furniture

In addition to cleaning your gear, take this time to replenish anything you’ve used during your hunts. Have you used a bandaid or two from the first aid kit you bring along on your hunts? Replace them. Have you used your rangefinder, GPS, two-way radios, or generator? Fully charge them all. Have you used all of your camouflage face paint? Make sure you have enough for following hunts. You get the point.

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