Successful Hunts

moose-09-21-300x225Nothing compares to a successful hunt—except maybe the bragging rights that come with it! The R & K Hunting Company has plenty to boast about, as you can see. Discover fascinating videos, photos, stories and tips from some of the greatest R & K Hunting expeditions. After such a successful hunt, you might need proof that that prize buck, deer or elk was brought down by you.

Get a little motivation and inspiration by checking out the impressive R & K gallery. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of hunting vicariously through some of the most skilled and experienced hunters in the country. Find out exactly what kind of trophy animals might be awaiting you on your next trip. Plus, for hunters who are looking for tricks, tips and tactics from the best, nothing compares to the stories shared by The R & K Hunting Company, except  of course the actual experience itself.

After the Hunt

Enjoy endless entertainment and a welcoming community of like-minded hunters in the gallery section. Check out photos, videos and stories of successful hunters and their friends and family. At The R & K Hunting Company each expert is happy to share their successes. A picture really is worth 1,000 words, especially when that photo captures an award-winning kill.

From tips to tales, exciting videos to stunning photos, high quality hunting memories can last a lifetime and be passed down through the generations. Picture yourself posing with a beautiful harvested animal by joining the growing community of R & K Hunting clients.  The R & K Hunting Company is like no other outfitter you have ever heard of. They offer an enormous range of hunting options, tailored to your skill level and hunting goals.