Utah Moose Hunting

moose-09-21-300x225In Utah, The R & K Hunting Company has several Shiras moose hunt options on private land with a limited number of guaranteed tags. We also enjoy a success rate of nearly 100 percent. Our season starts September 1st and runs through the end of October.

The vast majority of ranches for Shiras moose are located in the northern part of the Utah. All but two are ranches are enrolled in the Utah CWMU program. This enables you to purchases your guaranteed moose hunting tags directly from us for these ranches. We also have a couple of ranches that are not in the guaranteed tag program where hunters have one of two options in order to secure a tag. The first option would be to draw the tag. The second option involves R & K purchasing the tag at a local conservation banquet, where your purchase should be tax deductible (although you would have to consult with your accountant for the details).

The hunting season dates for CWMU Bull Moose, including any weapon types are August 31st through Oct 31st. The limited draw and conservations permits with any weapon have a season of Sept 9th through the 25th and October 10th through October 28th.

Utah CWMU Bull Moose Hunt Dates: Aug. 31–Oct. 31
Utah Department of Wildlife Resources Fees:

Resident Bull Moose: $413

Nonresident licensing fees: $1,513

Our guided Bull Moose hunts are five consecutive hunting days with great food & lodging included. Hunters will fly into SLC international airport where they can arrange for pick up or rent a car.