Utah Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Utah-Antelope-HuntingThe pronghorn is an amazing animal that can run speeds up to 55 or even 60 miles per hour, thus enabling it to outrun all natural predators. The only faster animal on the planet is the cheetah! Unfortunately, what they benefit from in speed does not translate to their ability to jump. Fences are a real boon to antelope that are especially susceptible to getting caught in barbed wire fencing.

As a game meat, the pronghorn has many admirers because it is tender and mild flavored. You’ll want to do some research ahead of time to consider how you want the meat processed. We have a lot of fun on pronghorn hunts and they are a beautiful animal in the wild.

R & K has a very limited number of guaranteed antelope hunting tags available in Utah, including four to six openings for permit holders on unit #08 North Slope/ West Daggett -Three corners. Antelope hunters must apply by Jan 16th of each year for unit #08. The any weapon season, using our guaranteed tags, runs August 31 through October 31st.

Our guided antelope hunts are two to three consecutive hunting days with food and lodging included. Hunters fly into Salt Lake City International Airport, rent a car, and make the 4 hr drive east near the beautiful Flaming Gorge reservoir.

The R & K Hunting Company will tailor fit your hunt to accomplish you personal goals.

Utah Department of Wildlife Resources Fees

Resident licensing fees: $55

Non-resident licensing fees: $293

Please contact us for questions on pricing or reservations for guided antelope hunts in Utah at (435) 655-5484 or (801) 510-5847.