Weathered Horn Ranch










Sitting on 3,000 acres of fenced mountain land sits Weathered Horn Ranch, surrounded by pine trees, quaking aspens and other greenery with a beautiful stream running through it. This estate hunting ranch is home to trophy bull elk, other wildlife and even buffalo. Weathered Horn ranch is perfectly situated to offer exciting hunting opportunities to hunters of all skill and ability levels.

Surprisingly close to Park City and Salt Lake City yet bearing the look and feel of the great outdoors due to its pristine vistas and remote location, Weathered Horn Ranch offers hunters a top-notch private hunt experience. Surrounding by mountain peaks, the ranch contains meadows, foothills and rim rock canyons with enough terrain to challenge our hunters at the level they feel most comfortable. Parts of the ranch overlook Rockport Reservoir, a local favorite for boating and fishing.

The Weathered Horn Ranch is located just an hour’s drive from the Salt Lake City International Airport and a short 20 minute drive from the South Fork Lodge where hunters reside during their visit with The R & K Hunting Company and eat chef-prepared meals in a luxurious setting. With a harvest success rate of 100%, this estate-style hunting option is a favorite for wii hunters including hunters that want to remain active but are facing challenges that limit mobility.

Like our fair chase hunt private ranches, we maintain a strict wildlife management approach resulting in the highest quality mature animal hunting experience. With unlimited hunting opportunities available annually for trophy elk. We also offer a great buffalo hunt and other adventures that will challenge even the most season hunter. Contact us for all of the details.